Celebrating our past, our present  and above all, our FUTURE

Celebrating our past, our present and above all, our FUTURE

In 2024, we celebrate 29 years since our founding. In addition to providing turnkey solutions for our clients for their environmental projects, we have taken on a multitude of challenges.  We are proud of our past and we take care to improve, day in, day out in the present.

In the age of climate change and accretion of environmental concerns, industry is continuously changing, and every individual is essential in the completion of our projects. The company has counted on many seasoned professionals from within the organization since its founding. They have become pillars and guides for each new employee joining the team. For that matter, an African proverb sums up the very essence of the company’s ethos: “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It is the combined skill set and experience of all our employees that lends value to our expertise.

Terrapex is a people-centred company that remains conscious of previous years’ challenges. The company substantiates its commitment to personnel by offering much-needed latitude, allowing workers to balance their personal and professional responsibilities. “Offering the best possible work environment is a perpetual consideration for the organization to ensure the wellbeing of every employee” – Benoit Constantin, Vice President. This wellbeing echoes through the sum of Terrapex’s client relations.

The future is filled with possibilities that will serve as springboards for Terrapex to grow and reach new heights. Follow Terrapex on social media networks: Facebook and LinkedIn to know more about our upcoming developments.

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