Environmental Compliance Auditing

Terrapex Environnement Ltée. conducts environmental compliance auditing (ECA) in accordance with CSA Z773-03 norms. Environmental compliance audits determine an organization’s level of compliance in relation to codes, regulations, legislation and any other applicable criteria.

Environmental compliance audits aim at collecting and evaluating facts, in order to determine how well an organization meets and respects standards, codes, regulations, laws and other environmental criterias.

Main points of interest

  • Required administrative authorizations
  • Environmental certificate of authorization
  • License renewals
  • Environmental follow-up/monitoring programs
  • ISO 14000 audits
  • Storage area management
  • Management of liquid waste
  • Management of special waste and solid waste
  • Management of hazardous materials
  • Management of atmospheric emissions
  • Management of contaminated areas
  • Spill prevention
  • Environmental emergency plan

Scope of work

  • Selection of applicable regulations
  • Compilation and analysis of existing information
  • Accompanied site inspection
  • Data analysis
  • Verification of compliance with regulations
  • Final report compilation

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