Mobile Water Treatment Units

Terrapex designs, builds and operates a fleet of mobile water treatment units for the treatment of water contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, such as diesel, heating oil or gasoline.

Our mobile treatment units have the capacity to process from 60 L up to 400 L / min or more and can operate continuously for several days without interruption. They are equipped with an oil / water separator upstream of the process. The recovered oily phase is transferred to a storage tank while the contaminated water is processed through a series of high capacity special medias. The effectiveness of treatment is 99.9%, thus returning the water pumped into the natural environment with a concentration of less than 100 ppb of total petroleum hydrocarbons.

Each mobile processing unit is equipped with a telemetry system that continuously monitors the inputs and outputs. This allows optimizing and controlling remotely the conditions of operations.

Since 2006, our mobile treatment units have been used successfully in numerous projects (rehabilitation and environmental emergencies, civil engineering … etc.). It treated well over tens of millions  gallons of  contaminated water with petroleum hydrocarbons.


  • Can be deployed anywhere in Quebec within a short period of time;
  • Eliminates the need for vacuum trucks to pump and transport water over long distances;
  • Eliminates the waiting time for the back-and-forth vacuum trucks from site to treatment facility;


  • Emergency response following a spill (i.e. Petroleum hydrocarbons);
  • During the environmental rehabilitation works;
  • Treatment of contaminated water accumulated in the excavation pits;
  • Treatment of contaminated groundwater;
  • And more…

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