Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment


Petro-Canada, Ultramar Ltée, Olco, Sunoco, Sonic, Les Pétroles Vosco, Terminaux Canadiens Canterm, Èko, Cadeko, Les Pétroles Cadrin.


Verify the presence or absence of contamination in the soil and groundwater with respect to applicable guidelines.

Scope of work:

Terrapex has performed over 2 000 Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments for petroleum companies in Québec over the last 16 years. The assessments undertaken by Terrapex follow Québec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Parks and Environment Guidelines in order to best attain the study objectives.

Assessment work may require test pits, boreholes, the installation of groundwater monitoring wells, the collection of soil and groundwater samples, the selection of samples for chemical analyses, geological descriptions of soil and relevant testing of soil characteristics, testing of hydrogeological parameters and the evaluation of the environmental condition of the site and the different possibilities for the treatment of the impacted soil and groundwater.

Terrapex produces reports that adequately address the requirements of section IV.2.1 of the Environmental Quality Act. We also have accredited experts on staff.

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