Geotechnics and Hydrogeology

The Geotechnics and Hydrogeology department at Terrapex Environnement has extensive experience and implementations throughout the Province of Québec. Over the years, our professionals have acquired invaluable knowledge of engineering projects carried out in wide-ranging climatic conditions.

Whether in northern or southern milieus, geotechnical and hydrogeological specialists and professionals are able to provide scientific and technical support for the development of projects requiring their input.

Feasibility studies

  • Geo-environmental assessment
  • Soil and rock identification
  • Management of mine tailings and residual materials
  • Assistance in securing permits

Comprehensive design, development and engineering

  • Onsite water management
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology
  • Groundwater classification
  • Storage of mine tailings and residual materials
  • Development of levees
  • Foundation studies
  • Evaluation of costs

Safety rating and inspection of mining sites and dams

  • Safety assessment for dams, levees and water control installations
  • Instrumentation and monitoring of dams
  • Monitoring of water quality

Other services

  • Geotechnical studies of unconsolidated deposits
  • Geotechnical laboratory analyses (granulometry, sedimentometry, density, volumetric mass, Proctor Index, permeability)
  • Review of potential uses of surficial deposits
  • Drilling and field tests, including pumping tests, permeability tests (Lefranc, Perméafor) and shear resistance (Nilcon)
  • Rock formation surveys
  • Groundwater analysis (see groundwater classification above)
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport simulation
  • Bearing capacity calculation
  • Seismic Site Classification
  • Inspection and testing of dykes and dams
  • Embankment and rock-fill design
  • Water balance delineation
  • Management of mine tailing sites

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