Questions and Answers About Site Rehabilitation

Should you be a professional or a student, you’ll find here a few answers about frequently asked questions!

This section with frequently asked questions about soil decontamination and soil rehabilitation explains a series of expressions related to processes and techniques used in site remediation. Concepts and description associated with these expressions will give you an overlook about soil and water decontamination and site rehabilitation.

Soil and underground water decontamination is done without moving any element that has to be treated. Tha In Situ treatment is done directly to the soil or water, by building or installing treatment technologies on the contaminated field. Bio-sparging, bio-venting, soil leaching, and more, are applied in place.

Soil remediation consists in performing various operations like treating, l’excavating or gettingrid of contaminated soils to afin d’en allow a new use. Ultimately, we want to allow an unrestricted use, but it might depend on the contamination level. The main soil remediation types are the treatment, in-site or off-site, off-site burying, as well as the confinement.

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