Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment and Risk Assessment


Automobile Dealership


Verify the presence (or absence) of contamination in the soils and groundwater following the conclusions of the Phase 1 ESA and identified concerns.

Scope of work:

This Phase 2 assessment included the excavation of 10 test pits, the drilling of 8 boreholes, the conversion of 6 of the boreholes into monitoring wells and the sampling of soil, groundwater and residual materials. The results of the study identified the presence of hydrocarbon-impacted soil and groundwater exceeding the commercial and industrial standards of the MDDEP as well as a large volume of residual materials  (20 000 m³).

An additional Phase 2 ESA was performed in conjunction with a Risk Analysis to address the impacted soil, groundwater and  residual materials in relation to planned development onsite. Additional wells were installed, including vadose monitoring points for methane gas. These studies noted the presence of methane gas and an immiscible phase of hydrocarbon. A risk-based approach to this property was developed which included mitigation of the immiscible phase hydrocarbons and measures to reduce the environmental risk associated with other impacted materials left on site. Without a risk-based approach, the site would not have been developed.

A complete report was prepared outlining the degree of contamination and the measures required to address the identified risks associated with this type of contamination. The report was presented to the MDDEP and the MSSS.

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