In Situ Environmental Remediation


Electrical cable manufacturer


Remediation of the site for soil and groundwater to respect applicable criteria limit

Scope of work:

Characterization project and In situ remediation of an old electric cables factory for underground use as well as low and medium tension voltage submersible cables.

A comprehensive Phase 1 was conducted beforehand to determine potential sources of contamination. Taking into account the results of Phase 1, a hundred boreholes were installed to check the environmental condition of soil and groundwater under the property. Some of the wells installed were ‘‘multi-level ‘‘to characterize vertically, the environmental quality of groundwater.

The results have defined largely the types of contaminants present and the soil enclaves and groundwater plumes that contain contaminants in excess of the applicable criteria.

Over 8500 M.T of contaminated soil by volatile organic compounds (chlorinated solvents) have been evaluated on the site. So in order to proceed with the restoration of contaminated soil and groundwater, in situ processing system combining bio-stimulation and chemical oxidation was used to clean the site. Note that part of the project includes environmental monitoring of decommissioning of old equipment from the factory as well as inspection and industrial cleaning tunnels and underground water basins process.

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