Industry & Commerce magazine highlights the success of Terrapex

Industry & Commerce magazine highlights the success of Terrapex

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The following is a translation of the full version of the news article appearing in the November–December–January 2018 edition of Industrie & Commerce magazine, relating the winning track record of Terrapex as a company dedicated to the environment.

Over the years, Terrapex has earned a distinguished reputation in the environmental sector, namely through its innovative approach to the design and manufacture of soil and water treatment units for use in problematic environments. Because this equipment forms an integral part of the company’s portfolio and brand identity, Terrapex was able to participate in the Atwater project.

Established in Quebec in 1995, Terrapex Environnement (Terrapex) is a major environmental services and consultancy firm, specializing in soil characterization and rehabilitation. Its activities encompass soil and material engineering, geotechnology, environmental management and the development and implementation of diverse soil and groundwater treatment technologies. Terrapex also offers services in the areas of environmental assessment, assistance with certificate of authorization applications, asbestos detection, groundwater removal and emergency environmental interventions.

Since it opened in the South Shore area of Montreal, Terrapex has grown into a company that today has three branches, located in Brossard, Quebec City and Richmond (in the Estrie region), and employs approximately fifty professionals.

The Office Manager of the Brossard location, François Morin, speaks proudly of the company’s excellent reputation:

Since we have been offering all kinds of environmental services for 23 years now, we have the capacity to bring a wide range of projects to fruition, based on the needs of our clients. In practical terms, our team makes it possible for our clients to benefit from tools that respond to specific problems encountered during the course of their projects. Terrapex executes these projects for a diverse clientele, including private, commercial and industrial enterprises, financial establishments, promotors and developers, public and parapublic organizations, and various federal and provincial governmental authorities. We innovate through the construction of our own mobile units that are used to recover, extract or pump contaminants from soil and water on affected properties. We also support research and development projects to the extent that they allow us to contribute novel, affordable solutions to overcome the technical challenges we must face.

The goal of Terrapex is to find solutions. The values that drive the company are integrity, technical excellence, personalized service and a practical approach. The professionals consistently aim to propose viable solutions at the best possible price.

The firm is active all across the territory, and with thousands of projects successfully completed throughout Quebec, it leverages all of its expertise and the experience of its personnel to serve its clientele. The company’s employees include two experts that are recognized by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Action against Climate Change, professionals and members of the Quebec Order of Geologists and Quebec Order of Engineers, and an authorized environmental site assessor who is a member of the Quebec Association of Environmental Auditors (AQVE).

As Mokrane Boukroune, Director of On-site Treatment and Hydrogeology explains:

Terrapex has the ability to evaluate a site’s environmental problems based on its history (for example, whether there have ever been fuel reservoirs or a landfill on the property). We can assess the feasibility and costs of rehabilitating the affected land.

Partnership in the Atwater Project

Notable among the recent projects undertaken by Terrapex is the company’s participation in the Atwater water plant project in Montreal. This project involves laying out a closed pipeline from the aqueduct to replace the section running alongside Highway 15 in order to improve the supply of drinking water to the metropolitan region.

The role of Terrapex is to provide water treatment units to the company (CRT) commissioned to construct the tunnel, enabling them to treat any seepage that occurs during performance of the work, in compliance with wastewater regulations and in accordance with the requirements of the City of Montreal. As Morin explains:

This assignment is being carried out with the help of mobile water treatment units that we designed and manufactured at our Brossard facilities under the direction of Mokrane Boukroune. The goal is to treat 2,400 liters of water per minute. The primary challenge was to construct two water treatment units, each with the capacity to treat 1,200 liters per minute, on a very tight schedule. In an age in which the environment is such a major concern, we’re proud to be able to aid in fulfilling treatment goals and thereby help our clients complete their projects in a way that’s respectful of the environment.

Quality concerns are one of the top priorities at Terrapex. In order to continually optimize the results they achieve, the firm subscribes to quality assurance values and practices. It also holds internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 certification. Furthermore, in order to maintain the highest standards of quality, company management encourages and emphasizes continuing education for all team members.

Terrapex is committed to responding to even the strictest demands of its clients. In a customer satisfaction survey, the company achieved a perfect score from its clientele, who said they would enthusiastically recommend its services.

Terrapex CEO Tony Hawke summed up the company’s approach and philosophy with these words:

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. This certainly means providing the best quality assurance in the market!

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