Underground Tank on Your Property

Do you have a doubt about the presence of an underground tank on your property?

Since 1990, many tanks has been removed or replaced and the land decontaminated. However, there are still many properties where doubts remain.

Indications that tanks may still be present at a site are:

  • Asphalt pavement that has been modified;
  • The present of a vent or fill pipe for the tank;
  • Historical information and maps indicating the presence of a reservoir or former tank;
  • No formal evidence that an existing tank was removed and\or no environmental assessment on the quality of the residual soils and groundwater left in place, etc

For over 20 years, our team of professionals at Terrapex Environnement have been conducting such surveys and environmental assessments.

If an underground tank is detected and there is a risk of contamination of the property, we offer a full and safe service which includes:

  • Leak detection testing;
  • Tank cleaning and decommission services;
  • The removal and disposal of the tank and associated installations to an authorized site;
  • Environmental characterization and reporting;
  • The disposal of contaminated soil;
  • The restauration of the site to its original condition.

For more information contact us at one of our service points or by telephone at 1 888 448-3899.

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