Management of Residual Materials


Société de transport de Laval


Perform an audit of the management of residual materials to accompany level 3 certification with Ici on recycle !

Scope of work:

The STL commissioned Terrapex Environnement and partner Graviterra to do a visual audit of the management of residual materials. The goal of the audit was to verify that a minimum of 80% of the materials generated by site activities is recovered or recycled.

The audit took place over a period of five days and included determining the volumes generated, reused, recycled and used in the different departments of the transport centre (cafeteria, offices, garage, etc.) This inventory, measured and validated via photography, was done for different materials including: paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, wood, food residue, etc. A characterization of residual materials was also performed during this mandate in order to validate the estimated data provided.

The results of the audit were presented to the STL representative, including a plan for suggested improvements with regards to residual materials, as well as innovative solutions which encourage specific recycling procedures (notably on buses). The results of the audit respected the requirements of Ici on recycle ! The report was then completed and sent to Recyc-Québec.

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