Phase I Environmental Site Assessment


Financial Institutions, developers, real estate promoters, etc.


To determine the potential of environmental impacts to a property from past and present on- and off-site operations.

Scope of work:

Terrapex has completed over 3 000 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments since its incorporation in 1995, on behalf of a wide variety of customers.

All of our studies follow the CSA protocol Z768-01, and/or the MDDEP site assessment guidelines in order to reach the objectives of the study.

The general scope of work includes the following tasks: a review of the existing documentation and historical information (aerial photography, insurance maps, reports),  a visit and walk-through of the site, interviews with agencies and knowledgeable site employees and the preparation of a comprehensive report.

Terrapex reports meet all requirements listed in section IV.2.1 of the Environmental Quality Act and Terrapex has three MDDEP-certified experts on staff (including Mr. Hawke) for the attestation of these reports.

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