IN SITU Environmental Remediation


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Remediation of the site for soil and groundwater to respect applicable criteria limits

Scope of work:

As partof the implementation of an in situ remediation project on a site contaminated with PCE, several trials and tests were conducted in order to better understand the geology, hydrogeology and contaminant behavior of the site .

Various pumping tests were performed to determine the radius of influence and obtain additional information regarding aquifer/contaminant behavior.

Basedon these results, pumping wells were installed to limit  the migration of contamination. A pumping system was installed to continuously pump contaminated water. The treatment  unit  was composed of  a VOC stripper, and activated carbon filters where water and air were treated as a preventative measure.

Atmospheric emissions were monitored and transmitted on a regular basis to the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks.

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