Turnkey Contaminated Water Treatment Projects

Turnkey Contaminated Water Treatment Projects

For several years now, Terrapex has been refining its expertise in the area of water decontamination through various research projects with the goal of offering turnkey solutions. Based on this experience, Terrapex has designed and commissioned variable-capacity mobile water treatment units capable of treating between 60 and 400 liters per minute.

Our contaminated water treatment units can filter out a wide range of pollutants, notably hydrocarbons (diesel, heating oil, gasoline, etc.), metals, chlorinated solvents, PCBs, dioxins and furans. Equipped with an oil-water separator, the units recover the free-floating oil and transfer it to a storage tank. The contaminated water is then treated using a series of special high-capacity media. This procedure makes it possible to return the treated water to its natural environment with a total petroleum hydrocarbon concentration of less than 100 ppb.

The Terrapex team has the capability of operating its mobile contaminated water treatment units throughout Quebec, thanks to the development of remotely programmable and controllable automatons, which permit the units to remain in continuous operation for several days. Some units are even fully self-powered. As a result, the water treatment units can be operated under a wide variety of climatic and environmental conditions. Since 2006, they have been used in a number of rehabilitation projects and environmental emergencies.

The mobile water treatment units are installed and operated by highly trained Terrapex technicians, who are available to assist you in any situation, whether you have an emergency or need long-term service.

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